Call To Action Button Facebook Update

FaceBook Updates CTA Button

FaceBook Update to CTA. Thanks to Search Engine Journal.

Facebook Update to it’s call to action button, is big time.  Read the article here.

To summarize, the major change Facebook is rolling out will allow you to integrate website features on the Facebook platform.

Instead of the Call To Action button sending visitors to your website to make an appointment, get a quote or buy tickets, the process is completed on Facebook.

Third-Party Integration

 This is done via 3rd party integration. By keeping your fans on Facebook, it makes it easier to take action.  I’m all for making it easy to take action.

 This Facebook update seems just the thing to keep from dropping fans as they navigate to your website to perform an action. Let them do it on Facebook!

Friend Recommendations

The new Facebook Update includes a better way to recommend services to your friends.  When you write a post, you can turn on the recommendation option.

Next when your friends comment on your post, they can include a page recommendation and even tag your business location on maps.

This is a higher level of engagement and interactions with your page. Your loyal fans will find it easier to recommend your services to their friends and family.

More engagement=more fans=more leads=more sales, thanks to the Facebook update of the Call to Action Button.


The new buttons are Get Quote, Request Time and Shop Now.  While 3rd party integration are on the new buttons:

  • Start Order
  • Book Now
  • Buy Tickets
  • See Showtimes

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions about Facebook Update of Call To Action Button.




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