Know what’s right for your business.

Leveraging social media to engage your customer base is required in most business models today. Making your social engagement fail-proof is very possible when you follow some simple social marketing rules.

Read 5 Fail-Proof Social Media Best Practices by Matt Hensler. This is the inspiration for my article, thank you to

Post an assortment of content.

Remember, social media is about keeping in touch with friends and family. Users who like or follow your business page are looking to receive content. Content which may not be available on your website, something special. Treat your users as part of your business ‘family’. Let them inside your company.

Mix your content. Don’t only post buy news and offers. Share photos of your new desk or the repairs done on the front steps of your business. Add your industry specific news about the latest office software or trends in your business industry. Consider posting other news about your company and community events.

Help your users understand your company. Where it has been and where it is going. Socialize with your users/fans/followers.

Respond to ALL comments.

Your business on social is your brand. When comments are made about your brand especially on your social page(s), respond if only with a like or a favorite tweet. Users expect replies from brands online. Acknowledge users of your social network. This is the best way to foster loyalty to your brand.

Note: Establish a plan for handling negative comments now. You should never address negativity with emotional responses. Download this PDF from Hoot Suite, a guide to making your social media fail-proof.

Build Relationships.

People like to be heard. Just like off-line communication, users like to have a timely response when they say ‘hello’. A wink, a nod or a full-fledged discussion. It’s up to you to build relationships that matter to your users.


You can avoid epic fails. Use common sense and don’t try to be something you’re not. If you’re not a comedian, don’t make jokes. If you’re not a writer, don’t write long posts. Do what is right for your brand. Keep your content mixed and allow users to contribute without judgment. This will build a loyal following with engaged users.


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