How It Works

The Design Process

To ensure quality and maintain professional standards, we follow a website design process. The basic steps are outlined for you. We want you to know, step by step, where we are in the process.

4001Step #1 – Contact Us at 1-800-671-1736 or use our newsletter to stay informed. We need to get a good idea of your vision and/or goal for your website. You are under No obligation to purchase our product. Take us on a test drive. You can email us the pictures and words you want on the front page or use our photos and content on the test drive.

Step #2 – After consulting with you and deciding if any Design Extras are wanted, we get to work on the layout.
We setup a site structure and start designing. In a day or two, we call you to review your site structure.

Step #3 – If you like our work, make initial payment and with your input we will build the rest of the website based on your direction.
A couple of days later, we will contact you again to review the entire site.

Step #4 – Once you are 100% satisfied with the website the job is complete.

Step #5 – If you don’t want to own it, skip to Step 6.

Now that you have your custom website. You may purchase the website by paying $1999 $1299 plus the cost of any Design Extras you choose in Step #2. We will provide

  • A download of the files at your request or
  • Upload them to your hosting account by request.

If you want to make changes down the road we would be happy to do the work at a reasonable rate.

Step #6 – If you don’t need to own the site, no problem. 
We’ll retain ownership.

Step #7 – Need additional help? We provide IT Support for your website for only $34.99 a month. Some benefits:

  • Available Domain Name of your choosing.
  • Monthly Hosting of Domain Name.
  • Monthly updating of content on demand.
  • Monthly submission to search engines.
  • Personal Account Manager.
  • Online Marketing Advice.
  • And More!

Step #8 – Still have questions? Contact us by phone at 1-800-671-1736 or