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Website Design Extras are add-ons

Our website design extras can be implemented with your free test drive. If you decide to keep them, you pay an additional fee. Decide the design extras not right for your business and we remove them from your design. Simple. Fair. Professional.

Ecommerce ($200) – Add a store to your site with up to 10 items, free once you’re a client

Blog ($250) – Add a blog as a design extras to communicate with your followers, free once you’re a client

Photo Gallery ($250) – Add a gallery of 25 photos as a design extra, free once you’re a client

Local SEO ($400) – Add a paid advertising campaign

Additional Page ($100) – This design option is free once you become a client

Additional Link ($10) – Another free design extra for clients of Nature Teknowledgy

We include any or all of the design extras into your free test drive.

Already have a site? We’ll implement any of these features into your extising site.
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