• It Website Maintanance and Support

    We identify the best strategy to update your site for optimal results.

Site Maintenance Support Service

We combine website support and site maintenance to ensure your business site is browser compatible, with up-to-date content plus optimized for results.

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Grow Your Business with Us

Our site maintenance will

Keep your content fresh.
Update your website for new browser versions.
Make back-ups of website files and content.
Plus we add new features to your website.

Monthly website updates to keep your site up to date with fresh content and features to increase new and repeat traffic
Website compatibility optimization for new browser versions
Website back-ups and with our web hosting partner get

24/7 server monitoring against hackers,

weekly website traffic,

results tracking report,

page popularity report,

bounce rate report,

conversion tracking,

and more.

We review and identify the best strategy to update your site for optimal results. Content updates, implementing new features, consulting, and more with IT Support Site Maintenance.

Monthly IT Support Services include the following and much more:

Support and Site Maintenance• web hosting if needed
• shared hosting server setup, admin, monitoring, intervention, migration
• domain name consultation, admin and monitoring
• server side email setup ( forwards, pop, iMap)
• website design and development
• content updates as needed
• page additions as needed
• embedded media files support
• onsite marketing opportunities
• web forms with email forwarding
• basic optimization
• landing pages as needed
• social media integration as needed
• social media marketing consulting and support
• design / integrating social media with your branding
• search engine submissions
• quarterly reviews and consulting
• 24/7 real time WebStats analytic
• webmaster admin level website technical support
• website performance monitoring and review
• crisis / problem intervention and resolution
• periodic design enhancements
• periodic feature enhancements
• technical upgrades and updates
• and much much more!

 Business Support

$39.99 a month Call Today 800-671-1736

No hassle content management. Your personal content manager will add/delete/modify any text or images on your site at your request.

Monitoring of your website brand online is an important but commonly overlooked part of ensuring a professional presence on the web.

We support your business with ongoing technical knowledge, actual help by doing tasks for you. Most of our competitors offer telephone support only and do not provide the hands-on help most small business owners require.

No long-term commitment. Cancel site maintenance at any time.

$39.99 a month Call Today 800-671-1736