Video Marketing Free for A Limited Time

Video Marketing is On The Rise

Videos are Great. We’re all heard it. Marketing using video is awesome. But for many small business owners, it’s been out of reach. Increase conversions by as much as 80%. Greater engagement and retention. We all want that.

Now video marketing is available to you

If time and resources are your biggest problems, it’s Christmas in July! So, we’re giving away our expertise for a very limited time. This offer will end without notice.

Not sure how to create a video

We’ve found a handful of online, do it yourself video creation software and the best for our needs has been Biteable. We even used it to create the video above. Simply using their free plan, we can create a video for you.

Ok, I’m In What’s Next

Visit our signup page for our special offer at


You can share your new video online at Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Why not embed it into your website and share it via a link in emails? How you do your video marketing is up to you. Making the actual video is what we’ll do for you.

For instance, we created this article and embed the video. Also, we created a landing page to advertise on Google and other search engines with our video on the page. Visit it here to see it in action.

Next, we create an email campaign to help get the information needed to fulfill our offer. Email marketing allows you to automatically send follow up emails to people who have requested your service and to people who show interest in what you do.

Our email campaigns are Powered by MailChimp. If you have less than 2,000 subscribers, they have a free plan just for you. Especially important, it includes marketing automation, you can schedule and send emails automatically and without the cost. Please check it out if you are considering a paid service like Constant Contact.

Finally, video marketing should be a part of your marketing mix. Continue your off-line ads, banners and/or flyers. Hand out your business card as usual. Don’t remove your other advertising channels. Just remember to add video to the mix.

Let video speak for your company and show your clients, customers, friends, family and competitors that you are here, on the cutting edge.

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