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Test drive your business website with a mockup design.

A website mock up is a collection of elements on a page that represent your business. The most common example is the website template design. Site builders are a cheap and fast way to build your own site.

You choose a design you like and replace the elements with your own words and pictures.

The problems with most do-it-yourself designs are in customizations. You can’t get things to line up the way you want them or features don’t work the way you expect. If only there was a way to be sure your website elements will work together to create a great design.

Create a prototype


Step up from template to mockup. Read this article by Daniel Pataki at Smashing Magazine to learn more about prototyping with WordPress.

Here’s a summary of how to go from template to mockup to prototype:

  • Choose a design template
  • Replace pictures and content with your own
  • Do this for the front page

You have a simple mockup of your site at this stage. Next ask yourself, ‘What is it I want users to be able to do on my site?’ In general, you have to setup these features yourself. Many are not included in website templates.

  • Leave a message
  • See a slideshow
  • Buy my products

Now that you know what you want users to do on your site, add a page for each of the features.

  • Contact us page for messages
  • Photo gallery page for slideshow
  • Shopping cart for products

This is your prototype.

website design banner missing (refresh your browser)

Sounds simple but there are a lot of details you’ll have to overcome and decisions to make that require some knowledge of the business of website design. You’ll find hundreds of possible solutions for features at different price points. You have to decide how to backup and care for your site in case of failure or hacking. You’ll need to understand some CSS to tweak the design if things don’t line up right. You’ll need some sort of support.

Consider speaking to NatureTeknowledgy. We have a free test drive and will prototype a site for your business for less than your cell phone bill. After you are satisfied, we’ll build it for as little as $799. Here’s the link to start your free test drive. Leave comments below, we’ll answer your questions.


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